Pamos Beverage Company Launches Cannabis-Infused NA Spirit


LOS ANGELES -- Pamos Beverage Company today announced its new line of contemporary spirits. Pamos is a premium quality, non-alcoholic cannabis spirit infused with THC, CBD, and plant terpenes and is now available for pre-orders at in Los Angeles. Starting Monday, April 19, Pamos spirits will be available for same-day local delivery in LA and in select retail locations.

Pamos represents the convergence of cocktail culture and cannabis culture and was founded with a vision to infuse cannabis into everyday life. With the belief that a good time shouldn’t be a gamble, Pamos speaks to conscious consumers who want to satisfy their social needs without sacrificing their wellness goals. Crafted in California with premium, locally sourced ingredients, a single Pamos serving has 10 calories with less than 2 grams of sugar and comes in two different strengths that cater to both new and experienced cannabis consumers. Pamos provides an alternative to both traditional spirits and existing cannabis products, giving consumers an outlet to unwind in a format that is not only familiar and socially inclusive but one that many find less intimidating.

Available in a 750ml bottle with 16 total servings, Pamos beverages are stackable, and servings are measured by the shot, allowing people to accurately and comfortably consume at their own pace. Both spirits are light on THC and CBD with the “Micro Dose” featuring 2mg of THC and 2mg of CBD per serving, while the “Low Dose” features 6mg of THC and 2mg of CBD per serving. The “Micro Dose” costs $60, and the “Low Dose” is $65. The THC in the Pamos spirits provides a sense of calm, while the CBD is included to relax one’s body. A carefully curated variety of plant terpenes are responsible for some of the beverage’s aromatic and flavor diversity. It serves to balance and uplift while creating a light, bright and social buzz. Unlike many cannabis edibles on the market, Pamos is absorbed quicker by the body, which results in a gentle buzz that one can begin to enjoy within 10-15 minutes, akin to a traditional cocktail.

“Whether hosting a dinner, enjoying a warm sunset, or long nights with good friends, Pamos is the perfect drink for those looking to get the most out of the moment without regretting it in the morning,” said David Mukpo, co-founder and CEO of Pamos. “We believe people are looking for healthier ways to unwind and enjoy themselves, and we are committed to providing consumers with a high-quality product that does exactly that while mimicking the familiar form of a spirit.”

Raising the bar on the new wave of non-alcoholic spirits, the unique flavor and sophistication of Pamos is brought to life with citrus and herbal notes, hints of ripe fruit, and botanicals with a complex, yet light spice finish. Each Pamos pour provides a refreshing, smooth and easy-to-drink experience.

For a quick cocktail, it can be enjoyed on the rocks or topped with sparkling water or tonic and garnished with fresh citrus, berries or mint. Shake, stir, or mix to make it your own. For pre-orders, cocktail recipes, and additional information, please visit

About Pamos Beverage Company

Founded in California, Pamos Beverage Company is a spirits company that offers premium quality, non-alcoholic cannabis spirits infused with THC, CBD, and plant terpenes. Kinder to your body and guilt-free, Pamos products are free of artificial flavors or sweeteners and crafted with a balanced blend of citrus, sweet fruit, and aromatic herbs and spices. Raising the bar on a growing wave of non-alcoholic spirits and creating a light, bright buzz without the harsh side-effects, each single serving of the “Micro Dose” consists of 2mg of THC and 2mg of CBD while the “Low Dose” consists of 6mg of THC and 2mg of CBD. Pamos can be enjoyed on the rocks or you can tap into your inner mixologist to make it your own. To learn more, visit

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