Levia Launches New Water-Soluble Cannabis Tinctures


Top Cannabis Seltzer Maker LEVIA Now Also Offers Cannabis-Infused Water-Soluble Tinctures with Premium CO2 Extract at Cannabis Retailers Across Massachusetts

GEORGETOWN, Mass. – LEVIA announced today they have launched an elevated experience to boost your favorite beverages with water-soluble cannabis-infused tincture extracts, available for sale at licensed cannabis dispensaries across Massachusetts. Consumers can take them straight, mix with a drink of choice, or get creative with food. All LEVIA products including their popular cannabis-infused seltzers provide a fast and predictable onset from a choice of sativa, hybrid or indica cannabis, a consistent experience, and no hangover – all made in Georgetown, Mass. with the finest locally-sourced buds and simple all-natural ingredients.

“We worked diligently to create our proprietary encapsulation technology which gave us the ability to create this fact-acting water-soluble tincture with a neutral taste profile – something we know is a key differentiator for our product,” said Jordani Joseph, director of cannabis at LEVIA.

Cannabis-Infused Water-Soluble Tincture Extracts

Each 1-ounce bottle of tincture contains 300MG THC, zero calories, zero sugar, and zero alcohol. One bottle of extract contains enough for 60 servings with 5MG THC per serving. LEVIA currently has three varieties of the tinctures – sativa, hybrid or indica cannabis – that offer flexible dosing for a superior experience. LEVIA tinctures are sold individually at a MSRP of $80.00.

“As we know from the strong sales here in Massachusetts of our seltzers that launched in February 2021, the demand for quality cannabis products with quick onset of five to seven minutes that’s predictable is huge,” said Matt Melander, president and co-founder of LEVIA.

The founders of LEVIA, which include Melander along with CEO and Co-founder Troy Brosnan and wife Kaitlyn Brosnan, and Kristin Rogers, and their growing team look forward to rolling out this new tincture product to the 100+ licensed dispensaries across the Commonwealth where LEVIA seltzers are currently sold.

Achieve “Get Stuff Done, Work or Play”

This vibrant tincture brings a new way to get energized with LEVIA blends. Whether hiking a mountain or a mountain of laundry, this sativa blend helps consumers check off the whole list while feeling great. Energize everywhere on the go with a travel handy 1-ounce bottle!

Celebrate “Good Times with Good People”

Relax, focus, stay confident and keep the smiles coming with the LEVIA Celebrate hybrid blend. Get-togethers and one-on-ones have never felt brighter whether it be at backyard BBQs, game nights, holidays, going out on the town, or a celebratory night in with friends and family. Elevate anything social with no alcohol, no MCT oil, no kidding!

Dream “Smooth Out the Corners of Your Day”

LEVIA and chill with LEVIA Dream, an indica blend for that peaceful, easy feeling. Relaxing on the couch, nighttime rituals, massage and spa days, or simply take the edge off anytime. Unwinding is easier with LEVIA’s Dream tincture.

To find LEVIA’s tinctures and cannabis-infused seltzers, please visit https://levia.buzz/find/.


LEVIA has created the best tasting cannabis-infused seltzers and water-soluble cannabis tinctures. Rooted in simple, all-natural ingredients, LEVIA elevates experiences with a fast and predictable onset

of effects from THC in cannabis. After years of research, LEVIA unlocked the secret to crisp and refreshing cannabis-infused drinks and water-soluble tinctures that offer flexible dosing. And ever since, the days are lively, the nights are chill, and spirits are buoyed for friends and family alike.

For more information and to find LEVIA near you, please visit www.levia.buzz and follow LEVIA on social media at @LEVIABrands.

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