High 90’s Launches Flavored Cannabis Vape Pens

LOS ANGELES -- High 90’s, California’s favorite flavored cannabis company, is launching its first-ever collection of flavored vape pens. Joining its already widely popular flavored pre-rolls, High 90’s flavored vape pens will be the next sweet thing. With an assortment of flavors to choose from, the rechargeable vapes will make you never look back.

Known for its unique blend of flavored pre-rolls, High 90’s has built a strong reputation of being a fun-loving and high energy lifestyle brand, particularly among outgoing millennials. Their mission is to promote a sociable environment with cannabis that helps bring people together, and in doing so, they have created huge buzz across social media in just a few short months. Organically endorsed by a big handful of influencers, they have made themselves the most-desired flavored pre-roll across California.

High 90’s guarantees only California’s finest with 80-90% THC concentrate in every vape. All products are lab-tested and solvent-free, committing to the safety and confidence of all consumers. What sets them apart from the competition is the use of natural terpenes to create the desirable flavors that customers cannot get enough of. They pride themselves on their ability to prioritize both the customer and making top-self level products.

Just like their popular flavored pre-rolls, High 90’s vapes come in eight delicious flavor varieties, ensuring customers get the sweetest high;

  • Strawberry
  • Gelato (sugar cookie ice cream flavor)
  • Peach
  • Watermelon
  • Pineapple
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Tropical Punch (cherry, orange, strawberry, lime punch flavor)
  • Double Cup (lemon lime soda flavor)

There is much on the horizon for the fast-growing cannabis company. To find out more information and find the nearest dispensary, head to the website: https://high90s.com/ and follow on Instagram @high90s for news and offers.

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