Enlighten Technologies Will Take Its 'CannaBus' on Tour


LOS ANGELES -- Today Enlighten, the leading provider of technology solutions and marketing services to better understand, navigate and reach cannabis customers throughout the entire customer journey, announced that their 42-foot mock mobile dispensary, The Real CannaBus, will be back on tour for companies around the country to takeover or sponsor starting May 21, 2021.

Enlighten offers retailers, multi-state operates, and brands of all sizes an unprecedented opportunity to make The Real CannaBus their own by leveraging customizable experiential marketing services that provide engaging hands-on interactive experiences and attract consumers and industry executives alike. When the bus initially hit the road in late 2019, brands inside and outside of the cannabis industry used The Real CannaBus to successfully implement event activations - boosting brand outreach, engagement, sales, and customer loyalty. In addition to giving brands an opportunity to connect with their customers in a memorable way, The Real CannaBus can also be used to educate policymakers, investors and other key stakeholders.

Due to COVID, the bus has been on hiatus since March 2020, as has most experiential marketing, forcing brands to primarily implement digital strategies in an attempt to reach and engage consumers over the past year.

“Today’s announcement comes at a time when the world is starting to open back up and consumers are ready to interact with brands again in a safe and engaging way, said Jeremy Jacobs, CEO of Enlighten. “With the Real CannaBus back on the road, brands have the ability to create meaningful face-to-face conversations with consumers or other audiences through unique experiences that will resonate more deeply after a year of only digital marketing and virtual events.”

The Real CannaBus is fully equipped with Enlighten’s cutting-edge retail technology including a state-of the art speaker system, interactive kiosks and digital menus, as well as nearfield technologies. More important than ever, the mobile dispensary features a state-of-the art air filtration system and is equipped with everything needed to adhere to COVID safety protocols.

Takeover and sponsorship opportunities with The Real CannaBus include:

Event Activations: Increase brand interaction with tailored events and sponsorships that make the bus your own, including custom branded exterior and interior design, product placements throughout the bus, VIP media lounge to host podcasts or watch parties, pop-up consumption lounge, expo setup, corporate events, and customer tours. Enlighten’s brand strategy team works with brands to create custom concepts for any event.

Dispensary & Brand Collaborations: From offering branded merchandise to in-store events and drop-ins, product samples, and live demonstrations there are a number of ways brands can cross-collaborate and generate leads with utilization of the bus. Enlighten has relationships with over 1,000 cannabis venues across North America to ensure the perfect event activation no matter where a brand’s target audiences live.

The Real CannaBus will kick-off it’s tour with a visit to the burgeoning cannabis community in Florida.

To learn more about how Enlighten and The Real CannaBus can help your brand with your next experiential campaign visit getenlightened.io/experiential. Or, to book The Real CannaBus for upcoming events or activations in your state, reach out to Enlighten at advertise@getenlightened.io.

About Enlighten:

Enlighten provides technology solutions and marketing services to help clients identify, attract and retain new customers, and unlock new opportunities that will increase profitability and help clients gain competitive advantages in the market. Enlighten is the only technology provider offering services that span the breadth of the customer journey and enable clients to reach and influence consumers both inside and outside of the retail environment. Enlighten has a track record of supporting large, complex cannabis companies in their operations across the U.S., providing small and emerging companies with flexible and cost-effective options, and guiding non-cannabis companies looking to reach the cannabis consumer.

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