Aplós Ushers in a New Way to Unwind with a First-of-its-kind Healthier Alternative to Alcohol


NEW YORK, DECEMBER 2, 2020 -- Aplós launches today as the first mixologist-crafted non-alcoholic spirit infused with sustainable, organically-grown broad-spectrum hemp. Combining plant-based ingredients with a complex and full-flavored aromatic profile, Aplós offers a healthy new alternative to alcohol and a new way to unwind.

Each serving of Aplós contains 20mg of organically-grown, broad-spectrum hemp extract, which offers the maximum benefits of the entire cannabinoid spectrum—including a calming, uplifting effect—without the psychoactive THC. Aplós uses nano-emulsification technology to create smaller, water-soluble particles that allow for quicker and more efficient absorption of the active ingredient, and replicates the experience of enjoying a cocktail.

Aplós’ debut spirit was developed in collaboration with James Beard Honoree and Master Mixologist Lynnette Marrero: it is citrus-led, bold but nuanced, with notes of rosemary and cardamom, and the complexity and depth to please a sophisticated palate. Aplós has the flexibility and combinability of a traditional spirit, in that it can be served neat, on the rocks, in a spritz, or mixed in a cocktail.

“In a world that can often feel overwhelming, where we are looking for a way to unwind without compromising our health, we are setting out to reimagine the adult drinking experience with a first-of-its kind, functional, plant-based spirit that encourages a return to life’s simple pleasures,” says co-founder and CEO David Fudge. “With Aplós, we are able to replicate what people love about traditional cocktails and alcohol—it sparks social connection, it helps us unwind—without any of alcohol’s many harmful effects,” says co-founder Jessica Manley. “It's pure magic.”

Visit www.aplos.world to learn more.


Aplós Launching in December 2020, Aplós is a first-of-its-kind, hemp-infused non-alcoholic spirit that calms and uplifts without the negative effects of alcohol. Founded by David Fudge and Jessica Manley and developed in collaboration with Master Mixologist Lynnette Marrero, Aplós can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or mixed in a cocktail. Aplos seeks to transform the way that we view the adult drinking occasion by offering a natural way to unwind. Aplós is direct-to-consumer and available for purchase at www.aplos.world

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