Vireo Health Develops New Packaging to Preserve Cannabis Terpenes


For most consumables, the fresher the better.

Whether its beer, bread or Brie cheese, the best food and beverage occasions are often ones where a manufacturer has thoughtfully considered how the end user will experience a finished product.

While most everyday items sold in a grocery store — such as cereal, eggs, or milk — contain expiration dates, cannabis offerings purchased at a dispensary aren’t always stamped with best-by dates.

Marijuana connoisseurs are likely aware of how long flower — especially buds purchased in bulk — will typically last (up to a year) and the factors that contribute to the degradation of cannabinoids and terpenes. But consumers buying cannabis for the first time are likely less familiar with shelf life expectancy and unaware that cannabis flower will lose flavor and potency with prolonged exposure to oxygen, light, heat and humidity.

A desire to deliver fresher cannabis to both new and existing users is what drove Vireo Health International to develop proprietary packaging technology that it claims will not only better preserve cannabis, but in some cases enhance it.

The Minneapolis-based cannabis firm, which is licensed to operate in 10 U.S. states, announced Thursday a patent-pending packaging system that it says “preserves cannabis flower by inhibiting the gradual loss of terpenes and other desirable compounds.”

Speaking to THCnet, Vireo Health CEO Kyle Kingsley characterized the technology as a type of “terpene humidor,” and explained how it works: An enclosed reservoir contains natural cannabis-derived terpenes (in liquid form) that permeate flower and pre-roll products and can protect flavor better than ordinary glass and plastic jars, pre-roll tubes and vacuum-sealed bags.

“People are getting more sophisticated in their preferences around flower,” he said. “Imagine not only being able to harness what the cannabis plant has to offer, but double down on it.”

According to a news release, Vireo conducted “multiple lab tests and real-world analyses,” and discovered that “cannabis flower stored in traditional packaging lost nearly half of its native terpenes over a four-week period.”

“Cannabis terpenes break down very quickly,” Kingsley told THCnet. “This could be transformative for the flower space.”

Kingsley said Vireo’s innovation — which is being made available to other companies via a licensing arrangement with cannabis packaging supplier eBottles420 — will enable cultivators and manufacturers to retain existing cannabis flavors for months and even enhance or augment flavors to deliver specific consumer experiences.

“The flavors we can impart are going to be truly unique,” he said. “And to a lot of consumers, that will be desirable.”

For Vireo’s part, the company plans to develop a specific line of “naturally enhanced” products that will utilize the new packaging technology and be branded to call out flavor attributes. For example, a pre-roll might be described as having a mango taste, Kingsley said.

The new packaging — which could hit the market within the next two months and is still being formally named — is part of non-plant-touching entity called Resurgent Biosciences that Vireo established in April.

The newly formed subsidiary houses Vireo’s intellectual property and is tasked with capitalizing on strategic opportunities like the partnership with eBottles420.

“We have a pretty impressive IP development apparatus, and we are in the trenches solving our own problems,” Kingsley said. “Our IP is built for partnerships.”

The rollout of the new technology will be slow and methodical, but Kingsley believes it could one day become an industry “standard."

“If that happens, this is transformative,” he said.

A news release with additional information is included below.


Vireo Health's New Packaging Technology Keeps Cannabis Flower Flavorful and Potent Longer

eBottles420 to Distribute Vireo Health's Patent-Pending Packaging System as Part of Licensing Deal

MINNEAPOLIS — Vireo Health International Inc., ("Vireo" or the "Company") (CNSX: VREO, OTCQX: VREOF), a leading physician-founded, science-focused multistate cannabis company, today announced that the Company signed an exclusive licensing agreement with eBottles420 to manufacture and distribute Vireo's patent-pending, terpene-preserving packaging system.

The proprietary packaging system preserves cannabis flower by inhibiting the gradual loss of terpenes and other desirable compounds that naturally occur after harvest. Multiple lab tests and real-world analyses showed that cannabis flower stored in traditional packaging lost nearly half of its native terpenes over a four-week period. When the same flower was stored in Vireo's new packaging system, the terpene content increased over the same four-week time period.

Vireo recently established a subsidiary called Resurgent Biosciences to house Vireo's portfolio of intellectual property and related initiatives in a non-plant-touching entity which may broaden potential partnership opportunities or other strategic outcomes. Technologies like this terpene-preserving packaging system have a variety of potential applications in many industries beyond cannabis, including food & beverage and health & beauty products.

"Terpenes are key compounds in cannabis that provide not only the flavor and aromatic profile, but more importantly are believed to have substantial pharmacological benefits," said Chief Executive Officer of Vireo Health, Kyle Kingsley, M.D. "Vireo's new packaging system will help enhance the customer experience by preserving the natural terpene content of the plant. Simply put, it will keep flower fresher longer."

The new packaging will enable cultivators and manufacturers to protect the naturally occurring terpenes in cannabis flower. This helps ensure the terpene levels in cannabis products are preserved throughout the distribution chain — from greenhouse to the customer home — so that consumers can enjoy a robust and consistent flavor profile.

"We are thrilled to be the exclusive manufacturing and distribution partner for Vireo's new terpene-preserving packaging system," said Robert Lerman, CEO and Founder of eBottles420. "As the largest supplier of cannabis packaging in North America, we expect significant demand for this new and exciting product."

About Vireo Health International, Inc.

Vireo Health International, Inc. is a physician-led cannabis company focused on building long-term, sustainable value by bringing the best of medicine, science, and engineering to the cannabis industry. With operations strategically located in early-stage, limited-license medical markets, Vireo manufactures pharmaceutical-grade cannabis products in environmentally-friendly greenhouses and distributes its products through its growing network of Green Goods™ retail dispensaries and hundreds of third-party locations. Its current medical markets of New York, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Arizona, New Mexico, Maryland, Ohio and Rhode Island all have the potential to enact adult-use legalization in the next three to 24 months, and two additional markets in Puerto Rico and Massachusetts also have potential for commercialization. Combined with its teams' focus on driving scientific innovation within the industry and securing meaningful intellectual property rights, Vireo believes it is well positioned to become a global market leader in the cannabis industry. In aggregate, Vireo's total license portfolio spans nine states and Puerto Rico, with a total addressable population of nearly 80 million. Today, seven of its ten markets are operational, with 13 of its 32 total retail dispensary licenses open for business. For more information about the company, please visit

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