Review: Rhythm CBD-Infused Seltzer


Rhythm is a line of CBD-infused seltzers that feature broad spectrum CBD and other functional ingredients. The product is available in two flavors — Grapefruit Rosemary and Blackberry Lavender — both of which contain 15 mg of hemp-derived CBD and just 5 calories.

The Grapefruit Rosemary offering, called Awake, is enhanced with 50 mg of caffeine from green tea and is positioned as a “clean” energy beverage. Meanwhile, the Blackberry Lavender SKU — called Dream — contains 5 mg of melatonin and is marketed as a sleep aid.

The ingredients list on both products is short: Both contain carbonated water, natural flavors, hemp extract, citric acid, monk fruit and potassium. The Dream offering is formulated with melatonin while the Awake product has caffeine.

The two flavors were enjoyable but felt a touch unbalanced. The Awake product had a noticeable bitterness and a pleasant aroma, while the Dream offering was more reminiscent of a mainstream grape juice in both taste and smell.

Dream had a slight jammy flavor and a medicinal quality that detracted from the overall drinking experience. Meanwhile, earthy bitter notes were detected in Awake.

Overall, the drinks were satisfying, and the emulsions were quite stable. Dream would benefit from dialing down the sweetness — especially in a product intended to be consumed prior to bedtime.

Additionally, both products suffered from aggressive initial effervescence, causing the cans to bubble over upon opening. After the first fizz, however, the products felt somewhat under-carbonated. Finding a way to deliver a more consistent drinking experience is recommended.

Rhythm seltzers are packaged in 12 oz. slim cans and wrapped in brightly colored shrink sleeve labels. The can designs could benefit from relying less on stock imagery of blackberries and grapefruits and incorporate more originality to help them stand out on shelf.

Nevertheless, the labels are visually appealing and clearly articulate what consumers are purchasing. However, the brand itself could benefit from having a tagline or re-imagined text that helps to better explain the feeling someone can expect.

Lastly, we’d like to see a more prominent caloric content callout. That Rhythm seltzers contain just 5 calories is something to be celebrated, and wellness-minded consumers would appreciate seeing that displayed on the front of the can.

Overall, Rhythm seltzers feel like a product that are still a work in progress. They are palatable but lacked the crushable drinkability we’ve experienced in other infused waters.

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