Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Company Fined for Unlawful Pesticide Use


A medical marijuana processor in Oklahoma has been fined $541,000 by the state’s cannabis regulatory agency and told to halt operations after the company allegedly sold products containing harmful pesticides.

According to KWTV, Edmond-based Moon Mix, LLC sold contaminated cannabis offerings that tested positive for several pesticides earlier this year. It also illegally purchased out-of-state cannabis products and sold them to friends and family, the outlet reported.

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA), which has strict rules limiting the amount of pesticide residue allowed on harvest batch samples, issued the state’s first ever product recall in mid-May.

At the time, OMMA found unacceptable levels of myclobutanil in batch 158 of certain Moon Mix products, including vape cartridges and mints. The recall was later expanded to include two additional batches produced and sold by Moon Mix, which told KWTV in June that its initial test results did not come back negative.

Now, Moon Mix is being fined by OMMA for its failure to complete required testing on the three batches which had more than 10 times the legal limit of certain pesticides, including bifenazte, according to KWTV.

Many states have banned chemical pesticides like myclobutanil because it can create toxic gasses when combusted. According to Florida’s ACS Laboratory, a leading provider of cannabis, hemp and CBD testing services, myclobutanil turns into hydrogen cyanide when heated.

Moon Mix is the third cannabis company to be slapped with a large fine for using pesticides in recent weeks. Earlier this month, the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission levied fines against two companies for illegally spraying crops with banned pesticides.

As THCnet previously reported, Healthy Pharms — which does business under the “Mission” brand of dispensaries and is backed by Arizona-based multistate operator 4Front Ventures — was fined $350,000, while Garden Remedies, which has a cultivation and processing plant in Fitchburg, Mass. and three dispensary locations in the state, was fined $200,000.

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