Lighthouse Strategies Lanches Cannabis-Infused Sparkling Water Line

Lighthouse Strategies -- the company behind Cannabiniers and the Two Roots line of CBD- and THC-infused non-alcoholic craft beers -- is adding sparkling water to its growing portfolio of beverages targeted at cannabis consumers.

The company today announced the launch of Creative Waters, which Cannabiniers described as “fast-acting, micro-dosed sparkling waters,” that were “created to help you feel zen throughout the day.”

According to a press release, there are two lines of infused sparkling waters -- CBD-only or a blend of CBD and THC. The beverages contain 25 calories and come in three different flavors: berry-lemon, cucumber-lime, and passionfruit-tangerine-coconut. 

While the CBD-only offerings are aimed at attracting consumers looking to “advance their physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being, without the psychoactive effects of THC,” the hybrid waters are marketed to cannabis users looking for a more “discrete” and “healthier” way to consume THC. 

“Creative Waters expands our portfolio of revolutionary smoke-free wellness products for those consumers looking for a safe, easy on-ramp into cannabis consumption,” Lighthouse executive vice president Maikel van de Mortel said via the release.

The THC-infused versions also come in three mood types -- lift, balance and relax -- and are intended to provide different user experiences.

Cannabis-infused beverages are becoming more popular as companies look to broaden their consumer bases and bring new users into the category. According to BDS Analytics, a Colorado-based market research firm that tracks cannabis industry sales, at least 107 cannabis beverage brands were being sold at dispensaries in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada and Oregon as of September 1, 2019, up from 69 at the end of Q2. 

In addition to Cannabiniers, California beermaker Lagunitas -- which last year partnered with CannaCraft on Hi-Fi Hops -- as well as Colorado startups Ceria, Inc. and Oh Hi Beverages are among the more recognizable producers of cannabis-infused beverages.

Nevertheless, Cannabiniers is hoping to set itself apart from other beverage manufacturers with its “fast-acting infusion technology,” which the company says enables it to create products with rapid onset times and a more controlled buzz. 

According to Kevin Love, the company’s vice president of market activations, Cannabiniers uses water-soluble THC, as opposed to oil-based THC often found in competitors’ products, which allows for the effects to be felt “within a period of five-to-seven minutes.”

In recent months, Cannabiniers has grabbed headlines for its new product releases, as well as craft brewery acquisitions. In August, the company unveiled a line of non-infused, non-alcoholic craft beers that are being sold at 145 California BevMo! stores.

Earlier this month, Lighthouse acquired 60,000 barrels of capacity via the purchase of Michigan-based Rochester Mills’ production brewery. The company has also struck deals with San Diego’s Helm’s Brewery and Colorado’s Dad & Dudes Breweria.

Lighthouse has a stated goal of acquiring 500,000 barrels of capacity for production of its infused and non-infused beverages. It also has a contract brewing arrangement with San Diego’s Green Flash Brewing, which gives Cannabiniers access to 50,000 barrels of annual capacity.

According to BDS Analytics, the total cannabinoid beverages market is forecast to be a $1 billion opportunity by 2022.

A press release with additional information on the launch of Creative Waters is included below. 

Cannabiniers Expands Beverage Portfolio to Include Creative Waters

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Cannabiniers™ announces today the launch of its new brand of cannabis (CBD and CBD:THC) infused sparkling waters, Creative Waters™, created to help you feel zen throughout the day. The line of fast-acting, micro-dosed sparkling waters consists of three CBD-infused flavors, as well as three additional flavors infused with a combined ratio of both CBD and THC. Creative Waters offers a more discrete, safe and heathier way to relax your mind, carrying you through those parts of the day when you need it most.

“Creative Waters expands our portfolio of revolutionary smoke-free wellness products for those consumers looking for a safe, easy on-ramp into cannabis consumption,” said Maikel van de Mortel, EVP of Marketing of Lighthouse Strategies, parent company to Cannabiniers. “Be it at home alone or with friends at a social event, our cannabis-infused sparkling waters were developed with the consumer in mind. Whether it be a relaxed or balanced experience or more of an elevated and energized sensation, Creative Waters offers a range of refreshing flavors; micro-dosed to support responsible cannabis consumption through our patent pending fast-acting onset and rapid dissipation technology.”

Creative Waters’ CBD-infused sparkling waters are a perfect option for those who are looking for a product to advance their physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being, without the psychoactive effects of THC. These beverages are infused with 25mg of CBD and are a great prospect for those who seek the benefits CBD properties offer. The infused sparkling waters consist of three flavors including; Berry-Lemon, Cucumber-Lime, and Passionfruit-Tangerine-Coconut.

In addition to the CBD only infused line, the cannabinoid ratio of CBD to THC consist of three mood profiles including Lift, Balance and Relax. Each of these products are micro-dosed with a specific ratio of CBD to THC to produce the desired mood level upon consumption. Lift is infused with a 1:2 CBD to THC ratio, perfect for those looking for more of an elevated and energized experience. Consumers looking for more stability and consistency in their infused sparkling water will enjoy Balance’s 1:1 CBD to THC ratio. And finally, Relax features a 3:1 CBD to THC ratio to reduce stress and promote a more calm and tranquil response.

All beverages are fast-acting, just 25 calories per serving, and will be available for purchase in Nevada and California dispensaries this fall. Creative Waters joins the company’s portfolio of safe, healthier, smoke-free cannabis consumption brands including Two Roots™, the world’s first non-alcoholic, cannabis-infused craft beer, and BASKIN™, a line of cannabis-infused personal care products.

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About Cannabiniers:

Cannabiniers™ is a developer of global cannabis brands that revolutionize the industry with first to market, patented, safe, natural and fast-acting infusion technology. The company believes the future of cannabis consumption is dependent upon products that normalize personal and social usage without changing lifestyle patterns and behavioral norms. Cannabiniers leads the public opinion shift by creating smoke-free, micro-dosed products that provide an elevated experience that is in perfect alignment with various personal and social lifestyle occasions – laying the groundwork for consumer trust. For more information, please visit Cannabiniers, Two Roots™, Two Roots Brewing Co.™ and BASKIN™ are registered trademarks of Lighthouse Strategies LLC.

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