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Eaze, an online cannabis marketplace, recently published its 2020 “State of Cannabis” report highlighting trends and insights from the country’s largest marijuana market: California.

According to the company, 400,000 Californians purchased a cannabis product via the Eaze platform in 2020, many of them for the first time as coronavirus-induced shutdown orders forced customers online.

In California, which is home to roughly 28 million adults over the age of 21, cannabis sales skyrocketed to $4.4 billion, Marijuana Business Daily reports.

For its part, Eaze said a cannabis order was placed on its platform every 8 seconds in 2020.

By examining some of the data from Eaze, we can start to get a better sense of how California cannabis consumers spent their dollars and what their buying behaviors were during a pandemic year.

“In this crisis year, cannabis emerged as an essential product and a unifying political issue,” Eaze CEO Ro Choy said via a news release. “Consumers relied on delivery during the pandemic and policymakers in emerging markets should look at the data and anticipate how robust demand for legal delivery will work in their communities."

According to Eaze, the onset of the coronavirus pandemic drove consumer demand for cannabis delivery, as stay-at-home requirements made it difficult for customers to make trips to the dispensary.

New customer sign-ups on Eaze spiked by 71% in 2020 while first time deliveries grew by 44% during the 30-day period following March 13. At the same time, average order volume and value increased by 15% and 20%, respectively, in 2020.

Those first-time Eaze users were particularly interested in marijuana edibles, which accounted for 22% of all sales on the platform in 2020. Edibles were most popular in the major metro markets of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oakland and San Diego, Eaze noted.

Another popular offering on the Eaze platform were drinks, which was the third-most purchased item within the broader category of edibles. Only gummies and chocolates outsold drinks in 2020.

Men made up the majority of purchasers on the site, at 52%, but female customer are increasingly gravitating toward the platform to buy cannabis. Since 2018, the percentage of female purchasers has grown by 10% (from 38% to 48%).


April 20 (4/20) was still a major cannabis “holiday,” however it conceded its top spot to “Green Wednesday” (the day before Thanksgiving). The last night of Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve and Christmas Eve rounded out the top five holidays with the highest sales, a major departure from 2019 when Labor Day, Memorial Day and the weekend of the Outside Lands Music Festival reigned supreme.

Eaze attributed the holiday purchasing shift to travel restrictions and California residents opting to spend those days in quarantine while consuming cannabis and connecting virtually instead of meeting up in person with friends and family.

Among specific demographic groups, Boomers, Gen X and Millennials preferred edibles while younger Gen Z customers “stood by their vapes.”

Cannabis flower was the second most purchased form factor for Boomers, compared to vapes for Gen X and Millennials.

All four cohorts opted for pre-rolls at about the same frequency, with that form factor coming in as the fourth-most purchased item on the platform across all demos.

In addition to analyzing its own purchasing data, Eaze also partnered with Playboy on a national survey of cannabis users and found that 75% of consumers paired sex and cannabis in 2020.

Those same customers also reported decreasing levels of alcohol consumption (16%) and increased cannabis use (3%).

Additional insights are available in the full Eaze report.

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