Arcview Group to Back Early-Stage Cannabis Companies with New Venture Funds


The cannabis industry’s preeminent investment and research network is moving beyond matchmaking and into dealmaking.

The Arcview Group, which for years has helped connect high net-worth individuals to emerging cannabis companies seeking capital, has launched its first member-based fund that will invest upwards of $10 million into nearly two dozen up-and-coming cannabis ventures.

Called the Arcview Collective Fund, investments will range between $50,000 and $250,000 and be targeted at early-stage cannabis companies focusing on agriculture technology, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, media and analytics, cultivation and retail, infused products and extracts, and other “ancillary products and services.”

The Collective Fund has already backed six companies, including NorCal Cannabis Company, Mood33, Garden Society, Fleur Marche, UbiQD and Altopa. A seventh investment is forthcoming.

Speaking to THCnet, Arcview Ventures CEO Jeffrey Finkle, who co-founded the fund with Arcview Ventures chief investment officer Jeanne Sullivan, said participation in the Collective Fund is exclusive to Arcview Group’s roughly 600-member investor network.

“It’s a unique structure,” he said, describing the fund as a “hybrid” model that blends elements of a traditional venture fund and an angel network where investors make their own decisions.

“All of the members are part of a decision-making body that decides how the fund invests,” he said.

Similar to the Arcview Group’s existing Shark Tank-style selection process where members and staff review elevator pitches and vet potential investment opportunities, members of a screening committee will review submissions on a monthly basis and select four companies for a more in-depth review. Two of those companies will be presented to all members of the Collective Fund, and one or both opportunities will undergo a lengthy due-diligence process before final investment decisions are made.

“Right now, we are looking at opportunities that have a significant IP (intellectual property) component,” Finkle said. “That could be a form factor, a growing method or something else that is protected by some defensible IP. That is becoming more and more important to us.”

In addition to investments made by the fund itself, Finkle said members could also elect to personally invest in opportunities discovered throughout the vetting process.

43 Arcview Group members, including private equity partners, angels, cannabis industry stakeholders and other accredited investors, have committed capital to the Collective Fund, according to Finkle.

“We are marching fast and swift to 100 members,” Finkle said, adding that investors are required to buy at least one $75,000 unit in order to participate in the fund.

Finkle said he anticipates the Collective Fund would soon be fully subscribed, and added that additional venture funds are in the works.

Arcview is preparing to formally announce the launch of a more traditional, professionally-managed $30 million fund in the coming months, Finkle told THCnet.

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The Arcview Group Launches First Member-Based Fund

Cannabis-Focused Investor Network Announces The Arcview Collective Fund; Members to Participate in Investment Decisions

SANTA MONICA, Calif. -- The Arcview Group, the leading cannabis investment and market research network, announces the launch of its first member-based fund: the Arcview Collective Fund. Arcview members will have exclusive access to the fund led by Arcview Ventures Chief Investment Officer, Jeanne M. Sullivan and its CEO, Jeffrey Finkle. Their deep experience in the cannabis sector, professional investing and venture capital uniquely position them to lead Arcview Ventures and this first member-based fund.

The Arcview Collective Fund will uniquely and effectively allow Arcview cannabis investors to collaborate on investment decisions, providing exposure to a portfolio of diverse companies in this exciting space.

“Starting a member-based fund is a natural, logical step for us,” remarked CIO Jeanne Sullivan. “For years, Arcview has been introducing its members to viable investment opportunities in the cannabis space. In that time, members have asked for a way to combine their individual resources into something more substantial – a fund which enables them to be both diversified and dedicated to the cannabis sector.”

“This is the cannabis fund best positioned to source and evaluate early stage deals because every member is highly motivated to find the best. I’m so pleased that Arcview members have already responded so positively to this opportunity,” said Troy Dayton, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of The Arcview Group.

“This new fund gives investors the benefit of an experienced team guiding a member-led investment process,” commented CEO Jeffrey Finkle. “I have been involved with this structure for a few years now and have seen how successful it can be. The Arcview Collective Fund is a great way for cannabis investors to put money to work in this emerging industry.”

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About Arcview Ventures

Arcview Ventures, an affiliated company of The Arcview Group, is led by industry veterans Jeanne Sullivan and Jeffrey Finkle. Arcview Ventures is bringing several cannabis funds to market in the coming months and years. Founded in 2020, the first fund now available for investors is the Arcview Collective Fund, a collaborative investment vehicle.

About The Arcview Group

The Arcview Group is the leading investment and market research firm focused on connecting high-net-worth individuals, institutional investors and money managers with the investment opportunities, key players and indispensable insights to realize their goals in the cannabis sector. Founded in 2010 and listed recently by Forbes as one of the top five financial firms in the cannabis industry, investors in the Arcview Investor Network have invested more than $270 million in over 200 companies. Arcview Market Research has published more than 20 market reports, which forecast and analyze the rapidly evolving industry. Arcview co-founded and partnered with Canopy Boulder, the first seed-stage mentor-driven business accelerator that has graduated more than 100 companies. Arcview is also co-founder of Cannasure Insurance Services, the leading provider of business insurance to the cannabis industry.