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Be yourself and bring your best ideas as an Inventory Control Manager in Las Vegas and within its Nevada Region (The Apothecary Shoppe)

Position Summary

Our Las Vegas operation currently requires an Inventory Manager to handle distribution, product management and development of a comprehensive inventory tracking system to streamline our business. The key responsibilities of this position include meeting inventory goals, managing tracking systems and acting as a liaison to other departments. The successful candidate will offer recommendations to ensure ideal levels of inventory and accurate tracking and forecasting. Prospective candidates with extensive inventory control experience are encouraged to apply.

Core Job Duties And Responsibilities



  • The creation and implementation of Parallel's policies and procedures pertaining to inventory and quality control.
  • Performs periodic inventory audits of all cannabis products, reconciles physical to book, researches all variances and performs all adjustments, creates monthly summary variance reports on for management, identifies and explains root causes for continuous improvements.
  • Coordinates with work area/supervisors to address any lack of compliance with state, local and Parallel regulations, policies, procedures relating to inventory and quality control.
  • Manages consistent quality line of supply, product par levels, minimal out of stock, timely communications with operating areas. Establish, maintain and assess inventory turnover goals and objectives.
  • Hire, train, manage inventory control and quality staff.
  • Awareness of, understanding of, and implementation of all NAC and NRA pertaining to the inventory control and quality control of cannabis from seed to sale; keep information of all changes/updates regarding NAC and NRS regulations.
  • Maintain all documentation required by governmental agencies for 5 years or until given written permission to dispose.
  • Ensure incoming product (both company and wholesale purchase) are received and managed appropriately according to Parallel's policy. Approve or rejects cannabis products whether manufactured, processed or packaged internally or by another vendor.
  • Manage obsolete inventory and make recommendations for disposal or transfer to ensure highest cost recovery or minimum loss.
  • Operate and manage inventory tracking system to streamline our business operations.
  • Ability to use Metrc to forecast inventory production schedules and dispensary inventory needs.
  • Monthly and quarterly reporting to the state for all inventory related matters.
  • Responsible for the destruction and tracking of all inventory changes adjustments in accordance with state guidelines.
  • Oversees the fulfillment group and packaging teams to make sure products are available for our patients.
  • Develop and implement inventory control SOPs and best practices.
  • Responsible for production schedules for cultivation, production and dispensary needs with a 6-8 week lead time.
  • Maintain and report on monthly inventory schedules
  • Additional duties as assigned

Job Skills And Requirements

  • Age 21 or over
  • Bachelor's Degree in Business, Finance or related field
  • 5+ years' experience in inventory, distribution and operational procedures
  • 2+ years' supervisory experience
  • Able to direct, coach, support and delegate task to employees and to work cooperatively with management
  • In-depth understanding of supply chain and distribution workplaces
  • Computer mastery in POS systems, ICS management and Excel
  • Able to manage multiple projects concurrently
  • Strong verbal and written communications skills
  • Ability to multi-task and work independently
  • Ability to issue and explain instructions effectively
  • Proven leadership skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills



  • The successful candidate "must hold" or "meet the qualifications to obtain" a Nevada Marijuana Agent Card. It is required to provide proof of identity, proof of your eligibility to work in the United States which is verifiable when providing a Federal I-9 Form 1-9 (Required)**

    We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. We embrace and encourage our employees' differences in age, color, disability, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, language, national origin, physical and mental ability, political affiliation, race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, veteran status, and other characteristics that make our employees unique.

    6 Core Values of a Parallel Employee

    • Integrity - We operate in a regulated and unchartered industry. Act and make decisions that stand up to scrutiny and reflect our position as a sophisticated, credible and respected leader. Be honest, trustworthy, dependable, and honorable. Demonstrate sound moral and ethical ways of interacting.
    • Collaboration - We are a collection of the best talent at all levels. Learn and grow from this diversity: welcome healthy debate and proactively seek other perspectives and points of view to find the best solution while not resting on consensus. Proactively ensure the right people have the right information at the right time. Work as a team vs. an individual performer.
    • Agility - We are growing incredibly fast in a new industry. Be open to change, be ready to pivot on the moment's notice, and act with a sense of urgency to take advantage of opportunities. Then be ready to do it again. Quickly –and calmly -respond and adapt to the unexpected. Modify and streamline processes, find more efficient ways of doing your job. Work efficiently across markets, time zones, and functions.
    • Intentionality - Intentionality requires action –it makes your intentions happen. Good thoughts are meaningless without action. It is initiative directed by the purpose to move our business forward. Intentionality is doing things important to you, even when not easy. Transformational change happens with intentionally.
    • Alignment - Together, we must understand and believe in our vision, mission, business and team goals and priorities. When we make a decision, even when we don't have consensus, we all align behind that decision and execute. We don't revisit decisions unless we have material new data or circumstances.
    • Accountability - Make the best proactive and reactive decisions given the available information and the wisest counsel.
    • Own your decisions, actions and outcomes, and promptly correct mistakes.
    • Be reliable, honor commitments and do not finger point, off-load responsibilities, or criticize co-workers. Look after co-workers and team's success.
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