Socati Corp.

Socati is the most advanced producer of broad spectrum hemp extract with non-detectable THC levels. Purpose built for CBD infused products at global manufacturing scale, we combine expertise in seed genetics, proprietary extraction techniques and the most efficient purification systems available today. By integrating the entire supply chain, Socati is your partner in delivering to one of the most lucrative new product categories in history - non-psychoactive cannabinoid infusion.


The company provides a top-quality and consistent product for a market projected to reach $22 billion by 2022. Leveraging investments in new technologies, Socati engages in large scale manufacturing and processes industrial quantities of hemp biomass to meet demand. Socati's dedication to safe quality ingredients through its GFSI designation gives reach into large, international CPG companies that are seeking high-quality ingredients to deliver to a consumer market hungry for the benefits of hemp-infused goods.


Socati Corp.
Socati Corp.
HQ: Austin, Texas

Socati is the leading producer of precision cannabinoid ingredients & THC-free broad-spectrum hemp extract. Socati built a company to function like other ingredient suppliers, giving manufacturers access to hemp-derived ingredients that behave just like every other ingredient.

Company size: 100

Year founded: 2017

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