Hightimes Holding Corp.

For 45 years, High Times has been the world's most recognized and trusted cannabis brand - championing the lifestyle and educating the masses on the benefits of this natural flower. From humble beginnings as a counterculture lifestyle publication, High Times has evolved into a global cannabis brand operating in diversified business segments with multiple revenue streams, including hosting industry-leading events like the Cannabis Cup and the High Times Business Summits, providing original content through outlets such as digital TV and social networks, globally distributed merchandise and international licensing deals. With millions of fans and supporters across the globe and unparalleled brand recognition, High Times is well positioned to capitalize on the rapidly expanding legalization of cannabis.


High Times has become as much of a cultural destination as a respected news outlet. Our unyielding coverage of the cannabis lifestyle has helped define one of the most prolific and enduring subcultures in modern American society. Music, arts, entertainment, live events and food now all have a seat at the table in the cannabis movement. Fueling the cannabis movement is a series of High Times-sponsored events. These include our highly attended Cannabis Cup trade shows celebrating the champions of cannabis and our new Business Summit conference to break down barriers and connect everyone from entrepreneurs and advocates to health care providers and policymakers.

Hightimes Holding Corp.
Hightimes Holding Corp.
HQ: Los Angeles, California

High Times is an online magazine that delivers news and updates about cannabis, from cultivation and legalization, to entertainment and culture. Being a source of cannabis information since 1974, High Times featured original works from Hunter S.Thompson, Truman Capote, Charles Bukowski, and William Burroughs.

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Year founded: 1974

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