General Cannabis Corp.

General Cannabis Corp. operates in two segments, Operations Consulting and Products; and Capital Investments and Real Estate.The Operations Consulting and Products segment provides consulting services to the cannabis industry comprising obtaining licenses, compliance, cultivation, retail operations, logistical support, facility design and construction, and expansion of existing operations. The Capital Investments and Real Estate segment provides loans or revolving lines of credit; leases real estate properties; and invests in businesses. The company was formerly known as Advanced Cannabis Solutions, Inc. and changed its name to General Cannabis Corp in June 2015.


The General Cannabis story is layered and dimensional, but also remarkably straightforward. We do things by the book. We are transparent, honest and fair. We are publicly traded in the U.S., and our SEC filings are as thorough as a $4B company. We do all of this, and more, in an effort to raise the standard of integrity and legitimacy in our industry, and our investors have validated that effort by trusting us with their capital. Our signature blend of professionalism and passion is what truly sets us apart. With seasoned leadership guiding our business and spirited entrepreneurs winning on the front line, we are both the steady hand at the wheel, and as well as the fuel that propels the mission forward. The General Cannabis portfolio of companies is diverse by design, offering an ever-growing array of high-quality products and services to help businesses succeed. We acquire best-in-class brands across the industry to give our companies and customers the unique competitive edge we call “synergy as a service”—a shortcut to convenience, efficiencies and faster profitability. And with every new acquisition, that service becomes stronger, which is why we focus on growth. But it takes a lot more than just a good idea or a charismatic entrepreneur to attract our attention for acquisition. We must see a path to profitability. We need to see a fighting spirit from the team. And, because it’s important to us, we won’t take on partners or employees who aren’t ready to put in the work.

General Cannabis Corp.
General Cannabis Corp.
HQ: Denver, Colorado

General Cannabis Corp provides products and services to the regulated cannabis industry and non-cannabis customers in the United States.

Company size: 100

Number of offices: 4

Year founded: 2013

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