Calyx Peak Companies

Calyx Peak Companies is a renowned leader of the legal cannabis revolution. We are committed to shaping the industry by creating and growing businesses that bring the highest levels of integrity, innovation, and standards to this formerly unregulated field of business. We invest in, operate, and manage cannabis assets, including more than 300,000 square feet of cultivation, extraction, and distribution facilities in multiple states. Our diverse team of medical, business, construction, and cannabis industry experts are committed to challenging the conventional and often misunderstood thinking about this powerful plant. 


With two brands in four states, 29 state-issued licenses, and approximately 300,000 square feet of cultivation, Calyx Peak Companies is shaping the cannabis industry using the highest levels of integrity, innovation, and standards. With a diverse team of executives from inside and outside the cannabis industry, as well as cultivation, extraction, production, and investment assets, we are setting a new standard for cannabis-related businesses to help people maximize the value of this remarkable plant. This portfolio of assets and talent is fueling rapid organic growth, and supporting a pending acquisition in California.

Calyx Peak Companies
Calyx Peak Companies
HQ: Boston, Massachusetts

Calyx Peak is a leading multi-state operator looking to lead the legal cannabis revolution. As a multi-state operator, Calyx Peak operates over 300,000 square feet of cultivation, extraction and distribution facilities across multiple states.

Year founded: 2016

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