Boveda, Inc. (FKA Humidipak Inc.)

Boveda acts on the environment around it. By adding and absorbing moisture, Boveda keeps the contents of a sealed container at a precise relative humidity (RH) level. Cool, huh? The number printed on Boveda are the RH%. Whatever product you’re storing calls for specific RH levels.


Various Boveda RH (relative humidity) levels are currently used in premium tobacco, musical instrument, medical device, food, electronic and herbal medicine markets. Boveda continues to diligently research other applications in order to provide the product integrity critical to quality, consistency and brand.


Boveda, Inc. (FKA Humidipak Inc.)
Boveda, Inc. (FKA Humidipak Inc.)
HQ: Minnetonka, Minnesota

Boveda Inc. is the global leader in 2-way humidity control for a multitude of industries and applications. Our patented products allow companies and end-users to preserve moisture-sensitive products over extended periods of time with zero maintenance.

Company size: 75

Year founded: 1997

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