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Who We Are

The company was founded by Kane Cullum and Kevin Schmudde, entrepreneurs with a desire to help North America’s leading cannabis companies connect with experienced professionals in adjacent industries.

THCnet’s editorial efforts are led by Chris Furnari, an award-winning business writer who covers complex and highly regulated industries.

Other key members of THCnet include Chief Technology Officer Josh Martyn and Career Services Director Jason Zamora.

What We Do

In addition to providing daily news, THCnet profiles recognizable brands while arming industry professionals with knowledge of current trends and insights into how the legal marijuana market is developing.

The THCnet website also features a robust jobs board that includes listings from leading cannabis firms throughout the United States and Canada. Individuals looking to break into the cannabis industry can upload their resumes to THCnet for free, and employers can post jobs for as little as $149. THCnet also offers cannabis companies top-level executive recruitment services through a partnership with Trinity Pacific Consulting.

Who Reads THCnet?

The website’s core visitors include executives at some of North America’s largest vertically integrated cannabis firms and multistate operators. Readers also include cannabis industry job seekers, entrepreneurs, dispensary owners, distributors, cultivators, trade group representatives, and supplier and service providers working with companies across the marijuana sector.

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